Smallville Season 6 Episode 7-Rage

In this episode we see how Green Arrow and Clark Kent become better friends. Oliver Queen wants to be more like Clark Kent and to become more invincible than he currently is. In developing and using a specially created serum, RL-65, he is hoping to become more powerful. At first the RL-65 serum is very helpful and allows Oliver to do things that he normally couldn’t. As with any drug though, with more usage, more problems come up. He begins to change into someone other than what he stands for as the Green Arrow.  Clark is able to step in and help Oliver realize that he is great the way he is without any special serum to augment his abilities. At the end Oliver realizes that his abilities are different than Clark’s and he needs to be thankful for what he has and take advantage of what he has been given. Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 7-Rage”


Smallville Season 6 Episode 3-Wither

Wither is an episode about relationship transitions. We see Jimmy Olsen and Chloe Sullivan take their friendship to a new level. We see Oliver Queen and Lois Lane develop their relationship and spend some time together. We also see Lex Luthor and Lana Lang’s relationship flourish and become more intimate. But for Clark Kent, there is no relationship to develop. He does meet up with a hot Park Ranger in short shorts and the perma-grin on his face as he talks to her is pretty funny. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be for Clark and by the end of the episode, he is all alone in his barn loft.

The main plot is kind of weak and hearkens back to the tone of the first couple of seasons of Smallville. Where there is a murder mystery and Clark, Chloe and Jimmy Olsen (instead of Pete) set out to solve it. Instead of meteor rocks, there is an actual alien, a Phantom that escaped from the Phantom Zone, causing the murders. So, it’s not an entirely original plot but the relationships and character development is well done and advances the overall story of the season and series.  Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 3-Wither”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 2-Sneeze

In this episode we see the introduction of Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, and we discover that he and Lex Luthor have a contentious history, that spans back to when they were young. Lana Lang is trying to convince herself that she made the right choice in picking Lex, by demonstrating loyalty to Lex even though he is doing things that she doesn’t agree with. We see a first as Clark Kent gets sick for the first time in his life with a head cold no less. Everytime he sneezes there are disastrous consequences. We see him discover, with Chloe Sullivan’s help, this new superpower and we see some humourous attempts to control it. I liked this episode as it was good to get back to a story where Clark is still discovering powers. It is reminiscient to how this was happening in the first couple of seasons of Smallville, when Clark discovered his x-ray vision, his laser beam shooting eyes and his super hearing.   Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 2-Sneeze”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 1-Zod

What a great start to this new season of Smallville! General Zod almost takes over Earth for the first time (or again, depending on your age). We get to see Clark Kent kneel before Zod and trick him again (or for the first time). We see the Phantom Zone and those that inhabit it and how it’s possible to escape it if you know the secret passageway. I watched in sadness as Lana Lang and Lex Luthor’s relationship takes a new twist, as Lana is exposed to Kryptonian powers without somehow forgetting it by the end of the episode, but it is from Lex/Zod and not Clark Kent. Lana is forgiving of Lex and the terrible things that he did, but “he wasn’t himself”, so it’s all good. Then we see Clark and Lois Lane share an emotional moment, then realize that it was not the norm for them, but they realize that they kind of liked it too. This could be a new beginning for them as they start to realize that their relationship could be more than big sister/little brother, and it wouldn’t be so bad.  Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 1-Zod”

Smallville Season 5 Episode 21-Oracle

Clark comes home to dark home and lo and behold it is a surprise birthday party! Lois has made Clark a cake. Clark opens presents, and Lois gives Clark a journal embossed with his initials. Clark notices an envelope with his father’s handwriting on it. There’s a card with two tickets to a baseball game in Milwaukee. Later on, at the graveyard, Clark is talking to his father’s grave and leaves the tickets on his grave. Clark then sees his father and Jonathan tells him that Clark needs to stop Lionel Luthor and that to save this world, he needs to kill Lionel. Jonathan then disappears into the mist.

At the Kent Farm, Clark talks over the meeting with Jonathan with Martha, and she tries to dissuade Clark that it wasn’t his father.  Clark tells his mother about the near death experience and how he saw Jonathan then. Martha starts to believe Clark.

At The Talon, Lana picks up some coffee and runs into Lois. Lois guesses that she is picking up coffee for Lex and asks if Lana is his new assistant. She says that she isn’t, but that they are together but he isn’t her boyfriend.

Chloe and Clark talk about Clark seeing Jonathan at the graveyard. Chloe goes along with it and they try to figure out why he should kill Lionel. Clark reveals to Chloe that someone tried to blackmail Martha and why.

At the Luthor mansion, Lionel and Lex Luthor talk about how Lex has been working with Professor Fine. Lionel reveals that he knows that Lex has been smuggling chemicals and viruses into the US, also that there are multiple Fine’s around the world. Lionel warns Lex to stop. Lex leaves and after which Lionel again has a strange reaction and reaches for pen and paper and this time we see him draw some kryptonian symbols and his eyes are whited over just as before.

Clark and Chloe break into Lionel’s office at LuthorCorp and discover that Lionel has an appointment with The Inquisitor and The Pentagon regarding The Weapon. Chloe surmises that maybe Clark is The Weapon.

At the Mansion, Lana stops by after a three hour conversation with Lois. Lex talks to Lana about something that is happening. He has been working on something big and asks her how deep she wants to get involved with a new project. He warns her that if he shows her this new information she is all in and can’t go back. She agrees and they go to a facility at LuthorCorp. Lex has been collecting viruses so that he can change the world. He has been altering the viruses to be able to help people. Fine believes that the spacecraft could be the first of many. Lex is now working against Fine. Lex has pictures of the spacecraft and Fine standing next to it. Lana reveals that she might know how to stop him. She says that  Lionel had told her how to do it when she found him in that strange trance he was in, when she found him scratching symbols on the floor in the mansion.

At the Kent home, Martha recieves a voicemail from Lionel warning her that something is going on that Clark needs to know about. She looks into the darkened living room and sees Jonathan sitting in a chair. Jonathan questions how long she has had feelings for Lionel. She denies any feelings for him, and tells him that she misses him so much. Jonathan warns that Lionel will kill everyone unless Clark kills him. He disappears from the home, and we as the audience see Jonathan looking in through a window at Martha. Jonathan then slowly morphs into one of the Dr. Fine’s and he smiles mischeviously before he runs off.

Martha is talking with Clark about how she saw Jonathan, they talk about why Lionel has to be killed. Martha tells Clark that Jonathan said that Lionel had something to do with his death.

At the Luthor mansion, Lex is reviewing video reports on Dr. Fine’s whereabouts when one them walks in the door. Dr. Fine talks to Lex about their agreement and how he has been cut out of the loop. Lex assures him that the vaccine is being developed. Lex tries to disable Fine with a rock of kryptonite, but it doesn’t work. He says that he isn’t one of them, but he was made by them. Fine then turns his finger into a sword and holds it to Lex’s neck and demands the vaccine.

Chloe has been doing some research into Lionel’s phone records and discovers that Lionel had been calling Jonathan multiple times and that the last time was an hour before his death. The last call was made near the Kent Farm and that he was there the night his father died.

At the barn, Lionel and Clark meet. Clark is mad and confronts Lionel about meeting his father the night he died. Lionel admits that they met and that they had to talk. Clark accuses Lionel of killing his father, Clark brings up the weapon, but Lionel denies that Clark is the weapon. Just then Jonathan shows up and encourages Clark to kill Lionel. Lionel tries to convince Clark not to kill him as Jonathan wouldn’t tell Clark to kill anyone. Clark realizes this and uses his heat vision to push Jonathan away. Jonathan throws a tractor at Clark and then starts to choke Clark. Jonathan admits that he isn’t his father and when Clark asks who is he, Jonathan only says that he is the one that will bring the world to it’s knees. Just then, a high pitched metallic sound is heard and stuns Jonathan. It is coming from Lionel whose eyes are whited over again and he reaches out and touches Jonathan, who then begins to be destroyed. Just before disintegrating, he fades into one of the Fine’s and then is gone. Lionel wakes up from the trance and asks “What just happened?”

Clark and Lionel head back to his office and talk about Fine and how he has been destroyed twice now. Clark questions Lionel how he was able to destroy Fine? Lionel doesn’t know, but opens his vault revealing pages and pages of kryptonian symbols that he has written while in the strange trance. Lionel feels that what he wrote is meant for Clark. Lionel warns Clark not to tell Lex.

Clark and Lionel go to The Planet and show Chloe the symbols. She doesn’t know what any of it means. Lionel tells Clark and Chloe that Lex and Fine are developing a weapon, the virus, that was completed today. They have to stop them. Chloe suggests they talk to Lana about getting into the lab where Lex is.

Clark is in Lana’s dorm room, when Lana walks in finding Clark. Clark tells Lana that they have to stop Lex before it’s too late. Lana doesn’t want to tell Clark, but he tells Lana that Lex is in trouble and he needs help.

At the lab, Fine and Lex are talking about how the vaccine is ready. Fine injects it into Lex and he collapses. Fine then punches the power grid causing the lab to be destroyed. Clark shows up and rescues Lex. At the mansion the next morning a doctor is checking out Lex and finds him to be okay. Clark shows up and tells Lex he should have listened to his father. Lex tells Clark he crossed the line and he doesn’t want to hear about Clark going through her stuff. They argue about Lana and Lex tells Clark that it is his own fault Lana isn’t interested in him anymore.

At the Kent home, Lionel shows up and talks with Martha about how he visited Jonathan the night he died. He told Jonathan that he knew about Clark and that he was so angry that he never let Lionel explain. Martha doesn’t say anything and Lionel asks her to forgive him in time.

Lex and Lana talk about Clark and how he is barging in where he isn’t wanted. They agree to not talk about Clark for awhile. Lex goes to open a bottle of wine and there is an injection scar on his wrist. He then cuts himself on the wine opener, but he self heals instantaneously. He doesn’t tell Lana.

At the barn loft, Lois and Clark discuss how Lana is moving on. Lois tells Clark to stop stalking her and to put his focus on something else. Clark mentions that there are times when he feels that Lois doesn’t know him at all, and times where she knows him better than anyone. Chloe brings up the leftover cake and they talk about Jonathan’s real gift to him was that he taught Clark to be his own man. Chloe reveals that there were three signs repeated more frequently than others. The signs translate as “Zod is coming”.


Smallville Season 5 Episode 19-Mercy

On US 40, the main highway in Smallville, Lionel Luthor is in his limo talking on the phone with a client. The in car television comes up and a masked man in a electronic voice tells Lionel he needs to win the game. A game of hangman is brought up on his laptop. Lionel’s car stops on the train tracks. Just in the nick of time, Lionel figures out the answer “No Mercy”, and the car doors unlock and he escapes as the train slams into his car. Afterwards he sees some graffiti scrawled on the Welcome To Smallville sign meant for him, “Having Fun Yet?”

At The Daily Planet, Chloe and Clark talk about how Lionel Luthor knows his secret and he is trying to weasel into his life. Chloe urges Clark to tell his mother.

Lionel walks into Lex playing chess at the mansion. Lionel suggest Lex that play hangman. He also says No Mercy, Lex doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Lionel tells Lex about the attempt on his life. Lex convinces Lionel that he didn’t do it, and Lionel is trying to figure out who did it.

At the Clark home, Martha practices a new speech on Clark that she will use at a fundraiser. Clark blurts out that Lionel knows, that he knows his secret. Martha tells Clark about the recent blackmail incident. Lionel will be at the fundraiser, but they decide to not confront him just yet. They decide to act normal until they can come up with a plan to take Lionel down.

At Lionel’s office, he is sweeping his office for bugs. He logs on to his computer and the masked man appears again. The masked man tells Lionel that he sees everything, and then somehow shuts down all the power. Lionel grabs a gun and then calls 911 from his cellphone. The masked man answers and again mocks him. He then pops up behind Lionel and sedates him.

Lionel wakes up in a dark room with some TV’s and a dead body. The masked man appears on the TV’s and taunts him. The lights come on and Lionel sees a faucet and two buckets, then a hook hanging from the ceiling. The masked man shows a video of Alex, his limo driver, attempting to escape by filling the buckets with the flammable liquid from the tap and balancing them on his shoulders to carry them to the hook and balance them. Alex failed and was immolated. The masked man tells Lionel he has 10 minutes to succeed or die.

At the Lionel mansion, Lana and Lex are playing chess and discuss their recent kiss. Lex says that he won’t be able to forget the kiss. Lex recieves a cell phone call, and Lana leaves. The phone call is someone telling Lex his father is missing.

Back in the room, Lionel is attempting to balance the buckets and is walking across the room to the hook. The masked man is taunting Lionel about how he killed his own parents. As Lionel puts the buckets on the hooks, they are balanced and the door opens and Lionel leaps through the door. Lionel finds himself in another room with another test. This test requires a partner, which is revealed to be Martha in a glass box, water is turned on and starts to fill the box. Lionel tries to find a way to break the glass to help her escape. Instead Lionel has to solve a word puzzle.

Chloe and Clark discuss Lionel at the Planet, when Lois calls Clark about Martha. Lois tells Clark that his mother never arrived to the fundraiser. They go to LuthorCorp and find Lex there trying to find his father. They discuss Lionel’s recent mishap with the train. Clark discovers a bug in the room, and Chloe thinks she can reverse the signal to find out who it belongs to.

Back in the room, Lionel and Martha attempt to solve the word puzzle.

Chloe, Lex and Clark are working on the signal location, Chloe finds the address and Lex and Clark head off to the location.

Lionel is still working on the puzzle as the water gets deeper and is over her head. Lionel solves the puzzle “Failed Takeover” , the glass breaks just as Martha is about to drown. The masked man comes back and feigns disbelief that Lionel would care about another person. They are shown the way out and expect another trap. They exit the second room and are forced into an elevator. Lionel tells Martha about the failed takeover of Apex.  The elevator stops and a gun is revealed with one bullet, and the winner goes free. The masked man tells them that there is a wired explosive set to go off in a couple of minutes that will plummet the elevator.

Lex and Clark arrive at the address and no one is there, but they find a TV showing the video of Lionel and Lex in the elevator. They can also hear them talking. Lionel hands Martha the gun and tells her to kill him because she is a better person than he. She can’t do it, so Lionel takes the gun and pulls the trigger, but there was no bullet in the chamber. The masked man comes in and reveals himself to be the security gaurd that swept Lionel’s office for bugs. Lionel pleads to have Martha released, and apologizes to the man. The masked man then blows the charges and the elevator plummets. Clark arrives just in time to catch the elevator saving Martha and Lionel. Lionel gets a front row view of Clark’s abilities.

At the Clark home, Martha and Clark talk about Lionel and how he never does anything that doesn’t benefit him in the end. Clark says they can’t trust him, but Martha says they might have to.

Lionel is back at the elevator holding the gun, when Lex comes in and tells Lionel that they caught the man who did it. He didn’t even know that Lionel wasn’t dead and freaked out when he was arrested. Lex questions Lionel about Clark and how he can be with Lex one minute and then be across town he next minute. Lionel blows him off and tells Lex that Clark is just a simple farm boy.

Clark shows up to Lionel’s office and they talk about how long Lionel has known his secret. Lionel says that since he was knocked unconscious from the crystal he has known the truth. Clark believes that Lionel is manipulating events to get in good graces with his mother. Clark tells Lionel that he doesn’t trust him and to stay away from his mother. After Clark leaves, Lionel has a reaction to something and is in pain, he writes something on a paper as the episode ends.

Smallville Season 5 Episode 18-Fragile

Maddie and her foster mother, Naomi, are about to eat dinner, the foster mother is talking on the phone with Martha Kent about Clark Kent coming by to pick up Maddie. Maddie starts to draw and Naomi is mad. Maddie telekinetically breaks a pitcher. Her foster mother realizes it was Maddie. She threatens to call child services to come pick up Maddie. Maddie gets angry and runs upstairs to her room. She breaks every glass item in the home and Naomi ends up dying.

In a deleted scene, Maddie comes down from her room to find Naomi dead with glass in her neck. Clark arrives at the home to find a dean Naomi and Maddie huddled up and scared.

At the Kent home Clark has brought Maddie to their home. Martha says that Maddie hasn’t talked since she was three years old and her mother died.  Clark sits down to draw with Maddie and tries to get her to laugh, Maddie cracks a smile at Clark’s drawing.

Lex and Lana come back to her dorm room and have been spending time together. Lana still has some files about Professor Fine that belonged to Lex. Lana tries to give them back, but Lex lets her keep them. Lana says that she trusts Lex, Chloe walks in on them and apologizes.

At the Kent farm, Clark is showing Maddie around. They go to the barn and Clark sets up a big pile of hay for Maddie to jump in. She’s reluctant to do so. Shelby the dog comes into the barn and Maddie is excited to see him. Clark hears Maddie talking to Shelby with his super hearing. Clark tells her that he won’t say mean things to her. Maddie starts talking to Clark and they go up into the loft and talk. They decide to go horse riding, Lois comes in and hears Maddie talking to Clark. Lois tries befriend Maddie, but Maddie is hesitant. They talk about horseback riding and Maddie becomes anxious and breaks some light bulbs and runs into the house.

Clark follows and consoles Maddie. Maddie admits to Clark that ever since she was little she could break glass and she can’t control it. Clark asks if she hurt Naomi, but Maddie said that she didn’t. Lois and Clark talk about calling the police, but Clark doesn’t want to. They decide to go talk to Chloe and dig up some info.

Clark goes to The Daily Planet, and Chloe has magically been able to access Maddie’s child services records and finds other references to broken glass in other foster homes. Maddie’s mother died in a car accident and that it was caused by the front window breaking. Chloe assumes that Maddie caused it.

At the Kent farm Lois and Maddie head out on a picnic, but Maddie runs off into the barn looking for Shelby. In the barn, Lois and Maddie are talking about not breaking glass and getting hurt, when the child services worker comes in. He tells Maddie to get in his car so he can take her to the shelter.

At the Luthor mansion, Lex is watching some videos of some of his investigators who are tracking Professor Fine. There are two of them from different parts of the world both reporting that they have seen Fine and are tracking him. Chloe bursts in and begins to admonish Lex of taking advantage of Lana and threatens him to not hurt Lana.

At the Kent farm, Maddie is getting in the car and Lois warns the worker to have her stay away from glass. The car windows start to shake and then explode. This time we see a man show up and drive the car away. Lois has glass embedded in her back and is unable to help out.

At the hospital, Lois is getting medical treatment when Clark walks in and they talk about Chloe being kidnapped and there is an Amber Alert out for Maddie.

At an unknown gas station, Maddie is attempting to call Clark from a payphone, but there is no answer. The stranger comes up behind her and hangs up the phone. The stranger tells Maddie that he is her father and he has been locked up. Maddie says that he killed Naomi, the child services worker, and her real mom. Her father pulls a glass butterfly out of his pocket and shows her. Maddie breaks it, but then her father puts it back together the same way Maddie breaks glass. He steals another car and drives away.

At The Planet, Chloe finds out that Maddie’s dad is Tyler McKnight and that he just got out of prison. He was incarcerated for stealing diamonds. He was recently released for good behavior. They find out that Tyler had been living with his mother in Smallville.

Clark goes to visit the grandmother, she didn’t know that she had a granddaughter. In the grandmother’s home is a painting of a stained glass art that the original is now hanging in The Talon.

At The Talon, Tyler is front of the stained glass and pulls the diamonds out of the artwork. He tells that he and Maddie can run away and start a new life with the diamonds. Maddie doesn’t want to, because he stole them. Clark shows up and dispatches Tyler.

While at The Daily Planet, Lana confronts Chloe about talking with Lex. She tells Chloe to stay out of her business and to quit spreading rumours. Chloe tells Lana that Lex is a predator to be wary of, while Lana says she isn’t going to be anyone’s prey and can handle it. Lana leaves in a huff.

Clark and Lois return to Lois’ apartment at The Talon and Lois feels bad for how she treated Maddie. Maddie will be staying with her grandmother. Just then Martha walks in and asks Lois to be her Chief of Staff. Lois agrees to take the job.

At the hospital, Tyler is being escorted out by a deputy with glasses. Tyler breaks the deputy’s glasses and escapes.

The next morning, Maddie is at the Kent home cleaning up. She wants to help them as they helped her. They invite her to stay for breakfast. Clark and Maddie talk about their real fathers. Clark brags about Jonathan and how he would have liked to have met Maddie. Maddie asks to stay with the Kent’s, but Clark says she needs to stay with her grandmother. Maddie begins to get angry and the glass starts shaking. Clark agrees that Maddie can stay for now.

Later that night, Tyler shows up and is threatening to kill Martha with a piece of glass unless he brings him his daughter. Clark uses his heat vision to free Martha, who runs off. Tyler uses his power to get all the glass and throws it at Clark, Maddie is there to redirect it and point it back at Tyler. Maddie struggles with killing Tyler or not to. Clark talks her out of doing it and to not end up like her father.

Maddie’s grandmother comes to pick up Maddie. Clark and Maddie talk about how Maddie scared to go live with her and how she will control her powers. Clark encourages her that she can and that things will work out. Maddie hands Clark a picture she drew of the Kent’s, Shelby and her on the farm. She leaves with her grandmother.

At The Planet, Chloe and Clark talk about Lois’ new job as the Chief of Staff. They start talking about Lana, and Chloe gets mad tells Clark to not make her into a covert spy for him.

Lana shows up to the Luthor mansion to talk with Lex. She tells Lex that they are only friends and Lex agrees. But then Lex turns around and kisses her. Lana is wild eyed, and then kisses him back and then runs out.

Smallville Season 5 Episode 17-Void

At Met. U in Chloe and Lana’s dorm room, Lana pulls out a wad of cash and goes to the cafeteria and finds a man with some green serum, presumably kryptonite in nature. The man, Lance, and his assistant are going to inject Lana with the serum. Lana apparently has done this before, as she wants to go under longer this time and that she almost found them last time. She’s injected and is transported to some sort of dream state and finds her parents. She is talking to them about how she misses them and that it’s been really hard now that she and Clark are no longer together. Her parents are supportive, and she goes to hug them, but is transported back to reality. She tells Lance that it wasn’t long enough and she needs to go back.

Back at the Met. U dorms, Chloe is doing some research into Honduras and some deaths, but she finds a photo with Dr. Fine in the forest. She shows Clark the picture and says that a “source” tipped her off.  Lana walks in and it suddenly becomes awkward. They share an awkward moment without saying anything. Clark leaves, and Chloe and Lana talk about how Lana looks haggard. Lana says she will get over it.

Clark uses his superspeed and runs to Honduras in a matter of minutes. He shows up to a village and starts showing Fine’s picture around.

At The Talon, Senator Kent is being interviewed by the press. Afterwards, Lionel Luthor is there and compliments her on her handling of the press. They are both going to a dinner later and Lionel gives Martha some background on the host. He suggests that they go together, so he can help her navigate the rough waters. She thanks him, and firmly tells Lionel that they will never be more than friends.

In Honduras, Clark is talking with the locals and finds the boy with the carved wooden ship from the previous episode.

Lana, looking like a drug addict needing her next fix, sneaks in to talk with Lance while he is in a autopsy exam. She tells him that she needs to go back. Lance tells her that it will cost her $5,000 this time. Lana says it won’t be a problem.

At the Luthor mansion, Lex Luthor arrives home and hears glass breaking. He grabs a gun and goes to investigate and finds Lana going through his stuff. He tells Lana all she needed to do was ask for money if she needed it. Lex asks what’s wrong, but Lana says nothing is wrong. Lana then admits that she needs the money for more of the serum. The serum kills the person and then brings them back. Lana says that she went to the other side and saw her parents. Lex is intrigued and begins to console Lana and tells her to look at herself and what she has become, her parents wouldn’t approve. Lex tells her that they should stop worrying about the people they have lost and should focus on those they have in their lives. Lex leaves the room to go get a blanket, and Lana takes off with hsi car keys.

Back in Honduras, the boy leads Clark to where the spaceship was located, but it is no longer there, it did leave an triangular imprint in the ground though.

Lex calls Chloe and tells her about Lana. Chloe goes to Lance’s assistant, Allie, and confronts her about what is going on. Allie is evasive and looks terrible. Chloe tells her that she wants to know what is going on. Allie begins to choke and cough up blood, she only says “near death experience” and “metero rocks” and then dies.

Late night at the cafeteria, Lana visits Lance, while he is packing up the serum and getting ready to leave. Lana gives Lance Lex’s car keys in exchange for more serum, but Lex shows up, due to his GPS tracking device on his car, and Lance and Lex fight. The bag with the serum falls and a container rolls to Lana and she picks it up and runs off. Lex calls for Lana and while distracted, Lance gives Lex an injection of the serum allowing him to escape. Lex passes out.

In Lex’s near death experience, there is a woman playing a piano by a fireplace. It turns out to be his mother. They talk about how she used to play all the time when Lex was young. She tells Lex he is dead and she reminds him of the last time, when he was shot during the ‘Lexmas’ episode and how she warned him to make a different choice, but he didn’t. She warns him that he won’t be the only one that suffers. She warns him that he will murder lots of people and she shows him his hand, that has a black glove on it. He is then brought back by Chloe, who had found Lex dead and injected him with the ‘bring back’ serum.

Lex is taken to the hospital just as Clark shows up. They talk about how they need to find Lana and why she has been attempting these near death experiences to talk with her parents. Chloe hacks into the college security system to try and locate Lana.

Lana breaks into a medical facility and finds some needles. Lance is there and fills a syringe with the serum and is about to inject Lana. Clark arrives throws Lance away. Lana says that she needs his help to get the serum. Lance comes up from behind and since the serum is kryptonite, Clark can’t stop Lance from injecting him and Clark falls down “dead”. Lana and Lance struggle and Lance ends up getting killed by falling on a saw. Lana grabs Clark, but he is already gone.

In Clark’s near death experience he is in the Kent barn laying on the floor. He goes outside and sees Jonathan Kent. Jonathan comes into the barn and they embrace. Jonathan tells Clark he doesn’t belong there and he needs to go back. Clark tells his father that it was his fault Jonathan died, and tells him about Jor-El’s curse. Jonathan tells Clark that it wasn’t his fault and that he was proud to die protecting Clark. Jonathan reveals that Lionel knows his secret. Jonathan tells Clark that he needs to keep everyone safe, that he is much more than a man, that he is a symbol of peace and justice. That now it is time for him to go and that he will always be there for him. Clark returns to life with Lana there.

Clark heads back home and finds Martha all dressed up for the dinner with the Governor. Martha realizes that something is wrong, but they can’t talk as Lionel shows up to escort her.

At the Daily Planet, Chloe and Clark talk about the ship and Fine. Chloe says she will talk with her “source”. Clark tells Chloe about his near death experience, and that Jonathan told him that Lionel knows his secret. Chloe reveals that her source is Lionel, and that he knew how to play her. Lionel appears to be playing all of them.

At the Luthor mansion, Lana shows up to talk with Lex. He is playing the piano. Lana apologizes to Lex, he accepts the apology. He talks about his near death experience and how he saw his mother. He lies to Lana and says that his mother is proud of the man he is becoming, Lana mistakenly agrees and Lana and Lex share a goofy smile.

At the dorm room, Lana is looking at old family pictures and Clark shows up to see how Lana is doing. Clark is worried that Lana was trying to hurt herself, and Lana explains she was doing it because she felt alone for so long. She wanted to feel her parents arms and warmth again. Lana says that she won’t let herself be that dependent again.  Clark tells Lana that all he wants is for her to be happy, she tells him that she will be.

I believe this episode is meant to help Clark and Lana and the audience move on from the recent Clark and Lana breakup. It also reveals to Clark his destiny and how he needs to move forward with that and that Lionel Luthor needs to be stopped.

Smallville Season 5 Episode 16-Hypnotic

We start off with some two people dressed in yellow bio-hazard suits walking through the forest. They find a hut with some bloody, dead people inside. They take some blood samples from the dead people.  Someone walks in to the hut behind them with a gun, they warn him to leave, but he kills them and then with his heat vision, he burns the hut down. The man is none other than the missing Professor Fine, and he grabs the blood sample before he leaves the hut.

At The Talon, Lana and Clark are laughing over coffee and discussing Clark’s dance moves. Lana hints that they could have the dorm room all to themselves. Clark makes an excuse about having to do farm work instead. Lana says that she is willing to wait however long it takes. She leaves The Talon. A super attractive women approaches Clark and hypnotizes him with an amulet she is wearing. She seduces him and they start going at it in the back alley, Lois Lane pulls up in her car. Clark introduces the woman, Simone, to Lois, as his new girlfriend.

Lana stops by Lex Luthor’s mansion and they talk about how Lex has tracked down Professor Fine in Honduras. Lex is planning to go there to track him down. Lana wants to go, but Lex won’t let her go with but will tell her all about it when he gets back.

Back at the farm, Clark is entertaining Simone. She wants some champange, so he runs to Metropolis to get some. Simone questions Clark as to how he did that, to which he resonds, “I can run really fast.”. She then requests some chocolate covered strawberries, so he runs and gets those for her. Simone is devious and recognizes his potential. She then requests that they tell Lana about their relationship. Clark agrees.

At Met. U in Chloe’s dorm room, Lois and Chloe are talking about Clark’s new found love. Chloe is in disbelief, but Lois tells her that she saw it with her own eyes. Chloe defends Clark and that something must have happened to him. Lois wants to tell Lana about it, while Chloe wants to talk with Clark first. Lana walks in and questions what they are talking about. They lie to her saying that Lois will be staying with them. Lana then gets a call from Clark, about how he needs to talk with her about something urgent.

Back in the barn loft, Simone and Clark are waiting for Lana, and Simone asks him what else he is capable of. Clark bends a bat in the shape of an S for Simone. They start to kiss and Clark takes his shirt off, then Simone does too. Clark takes of his pants and then he takes off Simone’s. She asks him to make love to her. They start kissing on the couch and Lana walks in and sees them. Simone tells Clark to go tell Lana that he doesn’t need Lana anymore. Clark goes and tells Lana that he has fallen in love with someone else. Lana leaves the barn crying and is heartbroken.

At the Luthor mansion, Simone shows up looking for Lex, but Lex is on his private plane headed for Honduras. Lex and Simone talk via Smallville’s version of Skype. Lex asks Simone how her progress is going, and Simone responds that Lana and Clark’s relationship is done. Lex asks if she discovered anything unusual about Clark, she say’s “absolutely”. But won’t elaborate and only says that he is a great kisser. Simone won’t turn on Clark. Lex is blackmailing her as she has a criminal history. Lex will be bringing back someone from Honduras for her to meet. She doesn’t want to do this anymore, but Lex threatens her with the criminal history, so she relents. A Lex Luthor aid then tells Lex that he just got word from a contact that Professor Fine isn’t who they think he is.

At the Kent Farm, Chloe shows up to talk with Clark about how Lana is heartbroken and crying. She is staying at Aunt Nell’s (a long overdue Aunt Nell reference) for now.  Chloe questions Clark about Simone and Clark says he has fallen in love. Clark says that he has told Simone about his powers. Chloe warns Clark to stay away from her and that he is being manipulated, but Clark tells her to back off.  Of course Chloe can’t do that to her friend. She starts snooping and discovers Simone in the house and starts talking to her about how happy she is for the two of them. Chloe steals her ID from her purse while she isn’t looking.

Meanwhile in Honduras, Lex is deep in the jungle and arrives at a camp and discovers Professor Fine. Lex tells Fine that he knows who he is, and assumes that Fine is a government operative. Fine tells Lex that he was in Smallville investigating a possible alien life form and the alien spaceship that crashed in Smallville. Professor Fine is looking for the spaceship in Honduras.

At The Planet, Chloe and Lois talk about Simone and thinks that Clark is under some sort of hypnosis. They discover that Simone’s dad was a hypnotist and he recently died. They see that the father had an amulet that they both recognize that Simone is now wearing. Chloe grabs a green kryptonite rock on her way out to go with Lois to talk with Clark.

In Honduras, Lex and Fine are investigating where the ship might be. A local native has carved a replica of the spaceship out of wood. Fine tells Lex that the local saw the ship and Lex wants to talk with him, but the local is dead. This local is one of the people that were dead in the hut that was burned down at the beginning of the episode. Lex wants to help in anyway he can, but wants access to all of Fine’s data.  Fine says that if they don’t work together, LuthorCorp will be in danger.

At the Kent home, Clark is packing his bags to go to California with Simone when Lois walks in and tells Clark he is hypnotized and he won’t be going anywhere. Clark tells Lois to step aside and that she will have to take him down. Clark smiles, but Simone walks in and Lois puts on some sunglasses and tells Simone to leave Clark alone. Clark knocks out Lois from behind. Martha walks in on them and Simone hypnotizes Martha to prevent Lois from following them and that Martha is happy for them, to which Martha agrees. Simone tells Clark that they have to make one more stop at the Luthor mansion so Clark can kill Lex. Clark responds with, “He’s a dead man.”

Lois wakes up and finds that Clark and Simone have left and that Martha is standing over her with a gun. Martha tells her to stay right where she is. Chloe knocks out Martha with a rolling pin. Lois tells Chloe that Clark and Simone went to the Luthor mansion. Chloe takes off to the mansion.

At the mansion, Lex walks in to find Clark waiting for him. They struggle and Clark is beating him up. Lex tries to talk Clark out of it, but Simone reiterates to Clark to kill Lex. Chloe walks in with kryptonite disabling Clark. Lex is half awake and grabs a gun. Simone, using the amulet, tells Lex to shoot Chloe and then himself. Chloe and Lex struggle with the gun and then Chloe aims the gun at Simone and the fires it, the bullet striking the amulet and destroying it. Chloe gets rid of the kryptonite before Lex realizes what is happening.

Clark and Chloe are at The Daily Planet talking about how Clark feels like he just woke up from a bad dream and remembers everything. Chloe asks if he and Simone had sex, but they hadn’t. Chloe asks about Lana, and Clark hasn’t talked with her about it. He’s not sure if he wants to talk with her. Clark is worried about Lana and that her heart has been broken too many times. He is worried about the continued lying and hurting her even more. This will give Lana the chance to move on and get on with her life. Chloe tells Clark he needs to think long and hard about this before he makes a final decision.

At the barn loft with the sun going down, Clark and Lana again talk about their relationship. Clark tells Lana that his feelings for her have changed. Lana wants him to look her in the eye and tell her that he doesn’t love her. Clark does just that. Lana is shocked and has to sit down. She tells him that she has waited for him to get passed the hang ups, he attempts to apologize, but Lana says she doesn’t want another Clark Kent apology and declares that their relationship is over, forever.

In the middle of the Honduran forest, we see the spaceship with “Professor Fine” standing next to it. But then a second person appears, and it’s another Fine, and then we see a total of four Fine’s. They say that they need more samples and run off to find more.

At the Kent home, Martha and Clark talk about him and Lana breaking up and how he needs an adult relationship now. Martha suggests that maybe Clark didn’t tell her because she wasn’t “The One”. Martha is worried that Lana might start to hate Clark and that her anger will do something that they will all regret.

Lana goes to Lex and tells him that Clark and her broke up. She feels relieved that she doesn’t have to deal with the secrets and lies anymore. She comments that she can never trust him and how could she have been so stupid. Lex comments that she isn’t stupid and that she is only guilty of putting her trust in the wrong person.

While it appears the Clark/Lana relationship is finally over, for now, it’s taking a turn that I didn’t expect. A turn where quite possibly Lana could become partners with Lex in trying to uncover Clark’s secret. How would this affect Lana and Chloe’s relationship? I think this will change the dynamics of everyone’s relationship in Smallville. Which can be a good thing as it will make for a more interesting story and provide more angst in the long run.

Smallville Season 5 Episode 15-Cyborg

The episode starts off in a laboratory showing a man held captive in an upright, tubular cage. A Dr. Hong opens the cage and releases the man and apologizes for what they did to him and gives him a picture. An alarm is triggered and the man runs from the room as security begins to chase him. He escapes the facility and security. We then see Lana Lang driving her SUV and after being distracted for a second, she looks up and sees the man in front of the road. Lana hits him, but the car wraps itself around him, ala Clark Kent a season or two ago, and Lana is injured.

The man takes Lana to the hospital and then leaves. She calls Clark for help.

At the Clark home, Martha Kent finds a package on her front doorstep, that contains a DVD of a warehouse explosion and Lana laying there.

At the hospital, Clark arrives and Lana tells Clark what happened and tells him what the man looks like. We see the man in a change of clothes, as he is leaving the hospital. Clark tracks him down and recognizes him as Victor Stone a fellow football player from a rival school. Victor knows Clark from football too. Clark tells him that he thought Victor was dead. Victor goes to leave and accidentally throws him through the air. Clark uses his x-ray vision and sees that Victor is made of metal.

At the Kent home, Martha receives a phone call from an unknown caller, who is trying to blackmail her. Just then Lionel Luthor arrives and offers to give Martha a ride to her meeting in his helicopter, which she declines. He sees Martha is distressed and offers help, again she declines. Lionel tells her that if she needs help with anything, anything at all, to let him know.

At the Kent barn in the loft, Victor is hiding out with Clark. He is reading an article about his death and begins to recount the accident.  It was snowing and he was in the car with his parents and little sister, they died but he didn’t. He passed out and when he woke up scientists were working on him. Victor says that he wasn’t the only one they were working on. Victor questions Clark as to how he knows about the bionics in his body and how he didn’t get a scratch on him. Victor asks him about Lana and what she things of this. Clark says that she doesn’t know. Victor says that he won’t be telling Catherine about his either. He shows Clark a picture of Catherine. They were supposed to get married about know, he is afraid to go see her and questions how could she love someone like him.  Clark offers to help by finding out more about these guys that are chasing Victor. Victor stays at the barn, while Clark heads to The Daily Planet.

At The Planet, Chloe and Lana are there and all three look at the company’s history. They provide prosthetics to people with severed limbs. They also discover that the company is owned by LuthorCorp. Clark goes to Lex Luthor at the mansion and questions Lex about Victor Stone. Lex claims he doesn’t know anything about it. Clark says that he will take an necessary steps.

Lana goes to see Victor at the barn, and she fills in Victor about how LuthorCorp is involved. They talk about how Victor should or should not tell Catherine about all of this.  Just then, the security team arrives and shoots Victor. Clark shows up and dispatches the security team. Victor is wounded and they go to the Talon to hide out. At the Talon, Victor tears off part of skin to look at the mechanics. Victor’s power cell is leaking and needs maintanence.

At The Planet, Chloe tells Clark that most likely Lex doesn’t know about this project. They look up Dr. Hong’s address to get him to help out. Clark goes to his home and finds Dr. Hong in a car in the garage with the car running, Dr. Hong is dead. Lex shows up at the same time and finds Clark there. They talk about how he didn’t know anything about it and that the project manager, Dr. Creed, has gone rogue. Lex wants Clark to bring Victor in to him as Lex has the resources to fix him.

Back at The Talon, Lana receives a call from Clark that Dr. Hong is dead. Victor is sad and blames himself for Ddr. Hong’s death. Victor is worried that he’ll die soon. He wants to go see Catherine. Victor goes to Catherine’s home, but finds Dr. Creed there. He threatens Victor that only returning to the lab will Catherine be safe. After being escorted out of the home, and it is revealed that Lex is part of this.

Martha is meeting with the person who is blackmailing her, and before they could exchange the money, Lionel Luthor arrives to scare him away. Lionel tells Martha not to give in to the blackmail. Lionel again tries to sweet talk Martha and offers to take care of this for her.

At the laboratory, Victor is hooked up to some machinery and is told that his arm is now repaired. Lex is there too and they talk about how his bionics costs over 6 million dollars. Lex tells Victor that they will be putting a chip in his head to help tamper his emotions and more controllable. Victor is sedated in preparation for the implant.

At The Talon, Clark arrives to find Lana alone and that Victor went to see Catherine. He leaves to go find Victor at the lab. At the lab, they are about to drill into Victor’s head to put the implant in. Clark arrives and throws Dr. Creed into a wall knocking him out. Clark helps Victor escape. They jump off the roof and break the asphalt.

Clark goes to Lex’s mansion and confronts him about Victor Stone and Dr. Creed. Lex admits he was in the lab, but says that he was trying to talk Dr. Creed out of it. Lex tells Clark to tell Victor that he hopes Victor is okay and that LuthorCorp has moved past it all.

At the barn, Victor and Clark talk about how Victor is better. He thanks Clark and he tells him he is thankful for his help. Just then, Lana shows up with Catherine and they embrace. Catherine recognizes something is different about Victor. She is interested in knowing about it and is accepting of Victor.

Martha is at the home reviewing the DVD and notices that in the blast, Lana is there one frame and then gone in the next frame. Lionel shows up and tells Martha that he took care of the blackmailer and he won’t bother her again. Lionel tells Martha that maybe she shouldn’t associate with him, as her public persona is important and he might sully it. Martha falls for his manipulation and tells him that he is a friend and won’t put that aside.

At the loft, Lana and Clark talk about how Clark always tries to hide what he really is thinking. Lana tells Clark that he loves her, but they keep going around and around and never move forward. Clark tells Lana that he will always love her no matter what happens. Lana then leaves without any resolution to their relationship.

At Lionel’s office, we see Lionel paying the blackmailer for his services. Cut to the Kent farm and we see Martha burning the DVD that was used for blackmail. But back at Lionel’s office, we see Lionel looking at the same footage on his computer, but there is an additional image of Clark rescuing Lana from the explosion. Lionel says to himself, “You’re secret is safe with me, Kal-El.”

While this episode addressed the relationship between Lana and Clark and how even though someone may be different, it is possible for the other to love that person in spite of the differences. We also see how even though both Lana and Clark profess their love for each other, their relationship seems to be going backwards due to Clark’s secret. We also see how Lex and Clark’s relationship is getting more contentious and they are moving beyond just hiding things from each other and looking past the secrets to remain friends. Now they are accusing each other of hiding things and lying outright to each other. Lex knows that Clark is hiding something and is starting to put the pieces together, but still doesn’t know the truth. He is starting to turn Lana against Clark as well, and is using her as a pawn against Clark.