Smallville Season 7 Episode 15-Veritas

We learn more about Veritas and those that founded it. We learn that Lex Luthor is gaining memories lost due to his exposure to the meteor shower. We learn that Clark Kent still can’t fly. We learn that Virgil Swan, Lionel Luthor, Robert Queen and Edward Teague have known about Kryptonians and in a round about way, Clark Kent since he arrived in Smallville. We learn that there is a mysterious envelope locked in a Zurich vault that contains secret information that only the now deceased Virgil Swan knew about.

I was hoping that we’d actually get to see Clark fly, the other times we’ve seen ‘Clark’ fly don’t count as it wasn’t truly Clark. But, no it was only a tease to get our hopes up. We did get to see the dynamic duo of Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen work together for the first time as reporter and camera man. Hopefully we’ll see more of that in future episodes.  Continue reading “Smallville Season 7 Episode 15-Veritas”


Smallville Season 7 Episode 14-Traveler

In Traveler we learn more about the mythology of Smallville and the mystery of how Lionel Luthor is so entrenched in helping Clark Kent. We find out that Virgil Swan, Lionel Luthor and the Queens, along with a fourth family – the Teague’s, have known about ‘The Traveler’ for some time. That the Traveler arrived on Earth during the first meteor shower. At the time they didn’t know who that was, but eventually Lionel figured it out. He had the other patriarch’s killed. We get to see more of the motivation of Lionel Luthor.

This episode came up with a great way to neutralize Clark Kent, with kryptonite tasers and a kryptonite cage. With Clark captured, it was great to see Chloe Sullivan and Lana Lang work together to first free Kara Kent from the evil clutches of Lex Luthor, and then help Clark escape. If they have a common goal, Lana and Chloe work great together and it’s fun to watch. We also see Chloe declare her love for Clark, not in his presence though, while it didn’t come across as romantic love, more like true love for another human being. I still think that Chloe and Clark should end up together and scenes like that only reinforce that idea for me. Continue reading “Smallville Season 7 Episode 14-Traveler”

Smallville Season 7 Episode 13-Hero

Pete Ross is back!! I didn’t realize how much I missed Pete until I saw him back on the show. While I would occasionally wonder what happened to him and felt it a shame that he was no longer a regular, This episode made me realize that Smallville needs more Pete. With Pete back in Smallville, it wasn’t just a cameo appearance, we were able to see how Pete gained powers and had to face the same trials that Lana Lang had to face a few episodes ago when she was given Clark Kent’s powers. He felt he could handle them like Clark has and could be a Hero. Again, the subject matter of Clark hiding out and not going public with his powers for the good of humanity was addressed. Again, Clark declines to go public and to stay in the shadows.

Pete’s powers were similar to Elastic Man from the fantastic four. He could stretch his body anyway he wanted. However, these powers were only due to kryptonite infected gum and would only be usable when he was chewing the gum and were temporary. Pete learned first hand how hard it is for Clark to keep his secret and gained a greater appreciation for Clark and their friendship deepened. While Pete is only back for this episode, I hope that he comes back to Smallville at a later date and that we get to see more of Pete in action.  Continue reading “Smallville Season 7 Episode 13-Hero”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 7-Rage

In this episode we see how Green Arrow and Clark Kent become better friends. Oliver Queen wants to be more like Clark Kent and to become more invincible than he currently is. In developing and using a specially created serum, RL-65, he is hoping to become more powerful. At first the RL-65 serum is very helpful and allows Oliver to do things that he normally couldn’t. As with any drug though, with more usage, more problems come up. He begins to change into someone other than what he stands for as the Green Arrow.  Clark is able to step in and help Oliver realize that he is great the way he is without any special serum to augment his abilities. At the end Oliver realizes that his abilities are different than Clark’s and he needs to be thankful for what he has and take advantage of what he has been given. Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 7-Rage”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 6-Fallout

This episode was great to see Clark bond with another Kryptonian, Raya, and how Clark was able to learn more about his heritage and culture. It’s too bad that Raya was killed off so quickly. I would’ve like to have seen Raya at least finish out the season. I felt bad that she was killed so soon, and I think that having her last a few more episodes so that we could have gotten to know her better would have been better for not only the show as a whole, but for the character of Clark Kent in Smallville.

We get to see more of the story arc of Lex and Lana expanded upon in this episode. I am torn between being intrigued and disappointed. I am intrigued as I watch Lex and Lana move from being in love with each other to starting to lie and outmaneuver each other. But at the same time, I am disappointed in Lana as she stoops to the level of the Luthors. In the past, while Lana did annoy me sometimes, she was always a pure character. A friend who was nice and sweet and while misguided sometimes, always tried to do the right thing. Now, it seems like Lana is being sullied by the Luthors and I am disappointed in Lana and her choices. I’m hoping that she will come to her senses at some point and get away from Lex. Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 6-Fallout”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 5-Reunion

This episode further deepens the character of Lex and we see him and Clark drift further apart. Lex is despising Clark more and more, while Clark is realizing that he and Lex are no longer friends. Oliver Queen is becoming a regular character this season, one that is rising to the level of Lois Lane in importance to the stories being told.  Other than these character developments, there isn’t much to this episode. It hearkens back to the early episodes of the series, in that there are mysterious murders that end up being caused by kryptonite meteor rocks and Clark and the gang end up solving the mystery by the end of the episode.

The episode addresses the past history of Lex Luthor and Oliver Queen and how they have such a contentious relationship. We see at one point how Lex did have a friend and that he was a caring person. But we also see that even from a young age Lex did have a darkness to him that Lex himself has mentioned in previous episodes. Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 5-Reunion”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 4-Arrow

This was a fun episode to watch as we see how Clark Kent and Oliver Queen discover each other’s respective secret identities and how they agree to protect each other in that way. Oliver is all about helping those that need help and tells Clark that he needs to start thinking beyond just protecting his friends and family. That there is a whole world out there that could use the help that he would be able to provide with his abilities.

While Green Arrow was introduced in the previous episode, this episode introduces him even more. Clark is more of a secondary character in this episode as he, Chloe Sullivan and Lois Lane all try to figure out who Green Arrow is. Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 4-Arrow”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 3-Wither

Wither is an episode about relationship transitions. We see Jimmy Olsen and Chloe Sullivan take their friendship to a new level. We see Oliver Queen and Lois Lane develop their relationship and spend some time together. We also see Lex Luthor and Lana Lang’s relationship flourish and become more intimate. But for Clark Kent, there is no relationship to develop. He does meet up with a hot Park Ranger in short shorts and the perma-grin on his face as he talks to her is pretty funny. But alas, it wasn’t meant to be for Clark and by the end of the episode, he is all alone in his barn loft.

The main plot is kind of weak and hearkens back to the tone of the first couple of seasons of Smallville. Where there is a murder mystery and Clark, Chloe and Jimmy Olsen (instead of Pete) set out to solve it. Instead of meteor rocks, there is an actual alien, a Phantom that escaped from the Phantom Zone, causing the murders. So, it’s not an entirely original plot but the relationships and character development is well done and advances the overall story of the season and series.  Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 3-Wither”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 2-Sneeze

In this episode we see the introduction of Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, and we discover that he and Lex Luthor have a contentious history, that spans back to when they were young. Lana Lang is trying to convince herself that she made the right choice in picking Lex, by demonstrating loyalty to Lex even though he is doing things that she doesn’t agree with. We see a first as Clark Kent gets sick for the first time in his life with a head cold no less. Everytime he sneezes there are disastrous consequences. We see him discover, with Chloe Sullivan’s help, this new superpower and we see some humourous attempts to control it. I liked this episode as it was good to get back to a story where Clark is still discovering powers. It is reminiscient to how this was happening in the first couple of seasons of Smallville, when Clark discovered his x-ray vision, his laser beam shooting eyes and his super hearing.   Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 2-Sneeze”

Smallville Season 6 Episode 1-Zod

What a great start to this new season of Smallville! General Zod almost takes over Earth for the first time (or again, depending on your age). We get to see Clark Kent kneel before Zod and trick him again (or for the first time). We see the Phantom Zone and those that inhabit it and how it’s possible to escape it if you know the secret passageway. I watched in sadness as Lana Lang and Lex Luthor’s relationship takes a new twist, as Lana is exposed to Kryptonian powers without somehow forgetting it by the end of the episode, but it is from Lex/Zod and not Clark Kent. Lana is forgiving of Lex and the terrible things that he did, but “he wasn’t himself”, so it’s all good. Then we see Clark and Lois Lane share an emotional moment, then realize that it was not the norm for them, but they realize that they kind of liked it too. This could be a new beginning for them as they start to realize that their relationship could be more than big sister/little brother, and it wouldn’t be so bad.  Continue reading “Smallville Season 6 Episode 1-Zod”